Tate Overton

“I like to think of my paintings as musical compositions - working with various mediums, I’m translating an intangible concept into an emotionally charged visualization. 

Song writing is an essential influence for developing my work, whether by controlled orchestration, chance operations, or impulsive reaction methods.

I often use photography as part of my process. The photograph captures an environmental structure, melody, and spirit which inspires an initial composition idea.

In terms of interaction with an audience, I am most interested when the viewer first engages the work, then absorbs and completes the piece by reflecting their own emotional subjectivity. I want to celebrate and maintain those moments.”

In addition to working in visual arts, Tate is an architect and co-founding principal of pelloverton architects based in New York, NY. and Providence, RI. Tate is also an active musician and composer, working with song writers, film-makers, and multiple band ensembles as a bassist, percussionist, guitarist and vocalist.

Tate Overton (b.1974) is based in Brooklyn, NY and Sag Harbor, NY.

Contact: tate@nyc.rr.com tate.overton@gmail.com